Fun-Chic Splatter Paint Jeans

Fun-Chic Splatter Paint Jeans

Diy splatter paint is amazing hack to turn boring jeans into attractive bottoms. Swag-out casual look by wearing splatter paint jeans during this spring. Buy it or Splatter your favorite color over classic jeans, it look absolutely stunning in both way. This one is coolest option for those ladies who want diy way to Upcycle old jeans. Brilliant style, versatility and slight sophistication enhance if you dress down jeans more strategically. Steal celebrities styling secrets to elevate trendy look within budget.

How to splatter paint your jeans

Paint jeans in splatter are not so tricky. You can upgrade style by decorating your jeans at home with easy diy projects. Splatter is good way to pop color more effectively that create drama and fun. Let try fun-making diy splatter paint jeans projects for rocking style.

  • Sort out jeans that you want to paint. Vintage or ripped both will work.
  • Collect colors that you want to see on you jeans.
  • Find proper work area where you work smoothly.
  • Pour out paint in larger open mouth container or in plates.
  • Make sure individual container for each color.
  • Cover your hand with gloves. Dip hand in paint, tap and flick the paint on jeans without any dripping. One color at a time and repeat process until you speared all colors.
  • You also do splatter pain in single paint, preferably white.
  • Keep hand closer to the jeans side to side, when flick the paint if you want thicker splatter otherwise it make light splatter. Keep splatter light for multiple hues.
  • Give time to paint to dry smooth before flipping out jeans.
  • Here your splatter paint jeans are ready. Dress down with stylish top for flattering look.
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Splatter cropped jeans in pastel

Spring is all about colors. More color pinch extra freshness and versatility. Turn Casual Street looking into standout fashion trend b paint jeans into splatter. Knee ripped crop jeans, in pastel color splatter, streamline fantastic attire if you pair with white shirt, strappy sandals and cross body bag.

Folded splatter jeans with grey top

Marvelous! Head turn back with you walkout in stunning splatter jeans outfit. It feels all color slip on you jeans from canvas. Splatter and brush stroke painted boyfriend jeans grab with grey knit top and metallic sneaker for off-beat spring street look. Roll up jeans to show to give statement coverage to kicks and hold white handbag for balancing.

Splatter pant skinny jeans outfit

Melt heart with drop-dead gorgeous look. Denim skinnies are not more in fashion. Treat it with colorful splatter pant to reinvent fashionable look. Colorful jeans and stiletto heel are enough to rock in parties.

Bold splatter paint boyfriend jeans

Do something crazy with you denim jeans just like this trendy lady who turn back more heads on Paris city streets. Play with bold and giant splatter for more attraction. High neck sweater with pointy heel in white are perfect details for eye-catching appearance during spring.

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Splatter jeans workout outfit

Splatter jeans are incredible in adding some fun and excitement in everyday outfit. Follow gorgeous celebrity who wears boyfriend splatter paint jeans with polo shirt and sneaker to tame-up sporty chic look. Splatter jeans is cool option for workout gym styling.