Getting Infected With Genital Warts Through Skin Contact

Getting Infected With Genital Warts Through Skin Contact

What are the most frequently asked questions? What is the mode of spread for the condition? The most common method of spreading the disease is through skin to skin contact especially during sexual intercourse or by exchange of bodily fluids. The incubation period is anything from a few days and can spread to several years in some individuals. A lot of care needs to be taken when doing the treatment because if proper hygiene is not maintained, one can easily spread the virus to others even using their own hands.

Is there a permanent way to get rid of genital warts? There are different kinds of treatment and each one of them has different results. Some of the treatments especially when using creams and oils have been known to recur quite often after a short period of time. The creams and lotions are only able to treat the surface while the underlying cause still remains. If you will get a treatment that goes beneath the skin, then you are likely to get a more lasting solution. Is there a safe treatment for pregnant women who are infected?

There are only a few treatments for genital warts that may not be recommended for their treatment during genital warts and pregnancy, however, the sooner the treatment begins after infection, usually the better the chances are of getting a cure. There are natural remedies that are available that can be used effectively during pregnancy without any risk whatsoever.

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Moreover, most forms of barrier protection like condoms do not promise a full protection from genital warts because they do not cover the genital region completely. In most cases, genital warts appear more often on the base of the penis and on the scrotum compared to the shaft of the penis. The spread of the virus may only be hindered if the whole infected area is covered completely and is prevented from rubbing against another person’s skin.

In addition, HPV may affect other areas of your body. Thus, there is the possibility that you may get genital warts on your hands, throat, and mouth. One way by which you can decrease your chances of getting the virus is by thoroughly washing the whole body with water and soap after doing any form of sexual activity.

Can I still spread the virus after the warts have fallen off? This will depend greatly with the treatment method you are using. If the method is a superficial one that only deals with the outside then you will actually spread them. Ensure you use a treatment method that goes for the root of the problem. There are some cases where scars will remain even after the problem has gone away completely. This depends a lot on the well being of the person involved.

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What is done about the sites you cannot locate physically? The human body is made in such a way that it makes a copy of any virus that you catch in the system and keeps it there for its own reference in any future attack. The HPV virus that causes genital warts is not an exception. The copy of the virus will remain in the body even when there are no symptoms to manifest.